Managers and leaders,


Get People on Board, Accelerate Change, and Boost Results

Do you also feel like spinning in a vicious circle?

The fast pace and constant pressure to deliver take a toll on even the strongest of us.

Don't you ever feel like:

  • Many important projects and changes are being unnecessarily delayed?
  • People are afraid to take on new tasks and avoid responsibility?
  • Everyone is taking care of themselves and cooperation is stagnating?
  • You are stuck with operational issues and there is no time for important tasks?
  • Work requires too much of your time and energy (and you don't enjoy it as much as you used to)?

Unfortunately, this is the everyday reality for many managers. But does it have to be like that for you too? What if there was another way?

Better future is at your fingertips

What if you could create a life in which:

  • You successfully achieve all your important goals and objectives.
  • You tackle even most challenging tasks and situations with greater confidence, clarity, and success.
  • People are actively engaged in working together and feel responsible for the outcome.
  • The results of your team improve quickly.
  • You are full of strength, energy, and vigor and enjoy your work again.

Does this look like something out of a dream world to you? Maybe. But what if it was possible?

Each of us can become more successful and happier

For example, how would you feel about:

  • Uniting an international management team and gaining over 50% market share in all core markets.
  • Revitalizing the sales team and turning a 17% decline into 24% growth within 12 months.
  • Achieving 86% year-on-year growth within 12 months of starting the change.
  • Radically boosting your confidence and motivation to change as well as your credibility and influence.
  • Achieving inner peace and enjoying greater satisfaction in both work and personal life.

You can get all that and more. How do I know this is possible? Because I have been there repeatedly as a manager, as a coach working with my clients, and also while making changes in my own life.

What the clients are saying

“It's a real manager's booster :-)”
Martin BláhaChairman of the Board
"I can definitely recommend the program thanks to its undeniable qualities and the experience itself - you can't read this anywhere, it has to be experienced. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to work on themselves and improve the performance of work teams. Even to those who think they can't do better - they can. The positive transformation will be reflected not only at work, but also in your private life."
Marcela MoravcováBranch Manager
"Beneficial. I have made a big shift in self-knowledge, which is a condition for convincingly work as a leader. I felt good. Especially the games, open discussions and feedback from team members are beneficial."
Petr ChudomelDirector of Hospital
"Long-term cooperation with Jaroslav has brought me overall inner peace, greater self-awareness, ability to quickly navigate in the coming changes, not to go into detail unless necessary, to gain more insight and not to be afraid to think 'out of the box'. I particularly appreciate that I was able to consult on particular situations."
Eliška JirovskáCountry Manager Czech Republic and Slovakia
"The program helped me to be aware of my own power. To realize what is important to me, what to appreciate and what to work on, but also what to ignore, what is simply not worth stressing about. I am convinced that thanks to Jaroslav, I am living a more fulfilling professional and personal life."
Vendula CírováCountry Manager Italia

Let's break that vicious circle together!

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