Is Losing a Most Important Client a Threat or an Opportunity?

Several years ago a manager from a leading company sat down and sighed. Their largest and the most important client was about to terminate their contract. This would have devastating consequences for her and her team and it naturally triggered major stress, uncertainty, and fears.

Having no idea how to deal with this seemingly hopeless situation she opened the issue during her coaching session. Her attention was so fixed on the threat of losing the client that she became paralyzed.

“What should I do?”, she asked in despair. 

I stayed quiet and after a pregnant pause I just asked: “And what if the situation was actually an opportunity … what would it look like?” Her feeling of helplessness instantly turned into a shock, confusion, and finally hope. She saw her chance to turn the situation around and take advantage of it. A spark returned to her eyes, her body straightened, and her brain began to work at full speed again. 

All she needed was a shift in perspective that made her mind open to change! 

Then we explored her options and the opportunities of taking advantage of the invaluable human capital and know-how they had developed during their cooperation with this client to acquire new clients with similar business needs. 

This triggered a number of other far-reaching changes. 

In the following weeks and months she reorganized her priorities, delegated responsibilities, and devoted more of her time to leading the business and people development. She opened several new offices in her region and their business multiplied. Her life had changed.

And just in case you are wondering, they not only reached the ambitious goals they had originally set for the year but easily surpassed them. 

In today’s turbulent world we often face issues and challenges that go far beyond our experience. The situation may be critical, the stakes are high, and we are forced to respond ASAP. Our success is determined by our openness to change and our courage, flexibility, and creativity we will approach it with. 

If you are facing a major leadership challenge that requires a change in perspective for you to able to take advantage of the opportunities that are opening, let’s talk. 

Together, we will discover the 3 most critical things that are holding you and your team back and the #1 thing that you can do right now to accelerate change and boost results.

Our online Leadership Impact Assessment will be 30 minutes long and you can sign up by clicking the button below. 

I look forward to meeting you there. 



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